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I’m Natalie,
I’m here to help those along an accelerated path of holistic healing.

How it started...

Health and wellness along with all things metaphysical were always of interest to me, and so I began my own journey from a fairly young age. I started out as a personal trainer but very soon realized it was about much more than just the physical. I went on to become a certified yoga teacher, Reiki master, and breathwork facilitator. Other areas of study include hypnotherapy, astrology, crystal therapy, and shamanism… and the learning never stops! I am a seeker, and the more I learn, the larger my perspective of “wellness” grows, and the more I experience, the clearer the path becomes.

How it's going...

After travelling the world, going through an incredibly intense and transformational spiritual awakening, working with several different modalities and numerous teachers, working through my own blocks and developing my intuitive abilities as a healer, I am now here to support others along their path.

The vision...

I envision a collective of practitioners coming together to support those on their healing journeys, using an integrative and holistic approach allowing people to remember their power and feel GOOD again. I believe people deserve to come back to their roots and discover how much wisdom is held within their own being which is simply waiting to be uncovered. If this sounds like something you resonate with, then come along for the ride!

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Among my coursework, I continuously followed the call of my soul, travelling the world for years eventually making it to all 7 continents, even living in several different countries. This was an important part of my own self-discovery and where the "real work" began. I unlocked a huge sense of freedom and passion for living in alignment… something I soon realized very few people were operating on.

Along the journey, I've had what I can only describe as a life changing experience, of tapping into the life force energy that resides within me. This allowed me to realize not only the true nature of who and what I really am, but also my true potential in this life. With the depth of that experience which truly cannot be described in words, it is only natural for me to want to share that with those who are called to experience it for themselves. 

There is an entirely different existence out there that is available to you if you are willing to move into that reality, and here, you are supported in making that shift!

For more about my journey and why I do what I do, be sure to check out the blog!


Thanks for being here, 



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