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What is it?

Energy healing is a technique which nourishes the body, mind and soul by bringing balance to the body’s energy fields. Ultimately it is divinely guided energy, received by an individual to achieve a state of natural balance. As energy healing treats the person as a whole, working on the mind, body and spirit, you may feel the effects in any of these three realms.


Keep in mind, energy healing is not a replacement for any medical treatment (or any other treatment) you are currently receiving. However, either on its own or alongside any other treatment, working on the body’s energetic field can greatly enhance the innate healing ability of the body to bring you back to your natural state of wellbeing.


On another note, nothing needs to be “done” in order for this to work. Similarly, there are no spiritual or religious beliefs you must hold in order for the healing energy to be received. However, being open to receiving this energy may be of greater benefit. You also do not have to come into a session with a specific problem or area to focus on, of course you may do so, although it is perfectly okay to receive energy healing at any time with no specific goal or intention in mind. Just let the energy flow!

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Energy healing can help relieve pain and discomfort, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, release toxins, induce your body’s natural healing abilities, and spark your intuition. It will also help balance the energy centers within the body creating an effortless flow of energy throughout your entire being, bringing about an overall state of balance and well-being.


We often consider every other level of our being including the mental, physical, and emotional, however many of us often overlook the energetic. Working on the energetic realm is highly recommended as ultimately, we are energetic beings living in an energetic world!

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What can I Expect During a Session?

A session is usually held with the client lying down comfortably, with eyes closed in a peaceful environment typically with relaxing music in the background. I place my hands over the body, either hands on or hands off according to the needs as well as the preference of the client. There are many sensations one may experience during a session, and each person and session will likely be different.


A few sensations you may experience include a feeling of divine radiant energy flowing through or around your body, sensations of heat or cold, muscle tension, a feeling of heaviness or lightness, the release of any tension within the body, or you may simply be overcome by a sensation of peace or bliss among others.


Energy healing can take place either in person or through a distant healing session. The technique used in the distance session is the same, however the client is not physically present. An energy healing session has the exact same effect regardless if it is done distantly or in person.

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What is a Distant Session & How Does it Work?

To understand how distant energy healing works, we must first understand that we are more than just our physical bodies. Everything that surrounds us is made of energy, and we all have access to the universal energy source. In that sense, we are all connected on some level due to our energetic nature.


As we are working on more than just the physical plane, it is important to realize that energy is not limited by distance. Within a distant session, I use specific techniques which allow me to send healing energy across time and space. This means one can receive the energy in the past and future, or if they are not physically present. So following the principle that we are all energetically connected, and with the use of these techniques, I am able to tap into the energy field of the client and channel the healing energy directly to them in any time or space.

*currently offering distant sessions ONLY*

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Benefits of a Distant Session?

A distant healing session can be a great choice if you are not able to attend in person for any reason. It is also beneficial if you would like to experience the session in the comfort of your own home (or wherever else).  On another note, sometimes the physical presence of another person can be a minor distraction either for the practitioner or the client. Being in your own space may potentially allow for a deeper experience depending on the preference of the client.


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