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Dynamic Reconnection Breathwork
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What is DRB? 

Dynamic Reconnection Breathwork is a breathwork modality which includes deeper, faster breathing for an extended period of time accompanied by a thoughtfully put together music set that is designed to take you on a deep inner journey. This method can help you shift into an altered state of consciousness which has the potential to bring about deep healing for the mind, body, and spirit.  

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What Can I Expect During a Session? 

There are many different types of experiences one may have during a DRB session. These include various physical sensations, sensory experiences, emotional release, visions, spiritual experiences among others. Each session will be different, and although it is beneficial to be aware of the possible experiences, it’s best to release all expectations for the session. There is wisdom within that will be guiding your experience which often knows better than your thinking mind.

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Benefits of DRB?

Taking part in DRB allows for an empowered self. It has the potential to bring deep healing on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. Not only can it bring incredible mental, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs, but this modality has also been shown to increase quality of life in various areas including improved sleep, physical healing, higher confidence, more harmonious relationships, as well as gaining a deeper connection to nature, your body, and your higher self.

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What's the Science Behind DRB? 

This is where the juice is. If you’re like myself, along with the intuitive understanding of these sometimes hard-to-grasp experiences, I find a lot of value in understanding what is actually happening in the physical body in order for us to have these experiences.

I often tell people that DRB sessions are “like going on a psychedelic journey without taking psychedelics,” and there is a reason these two different methods can create a similar experience. Deeper, faster breathing results in a loss of CO2 in the blood, therefore the body creates even more, allowing the blood to become more alkaline. Ultimately, this leads to reduced electrical activity in a section of the brain that is related to the "ego mind." When activity here is decreased, the “ego mind” can release its grip in order for other parts of the brain related to emotions and memory to become slightly more activated. This could be related to why many suppressed memories and emotions often rise to the surface during breathwork.

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Is DRB Right for Me?

DRB may be a great option for those wanting to explore altered states of consciousness either without taking any external substances, without spending years learning the art of meditation or simply as a complementary practice. Although DRB can bring life-changing experiences for many people, it’s important to note that there are some contraindications. Please review the contraindications here before booking a DRB session or workshop. Contact me if you have any questions. 


If DRB is not suitable for you, Restorative Reconnection Breathwork (RRB) may be a great alternative as there are no known contraindications. 


*Please review DRB contraindications here before booking.

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