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The Body as a Portal

The body is a portal. It is not just the vehicle that carries us through life, but it is also a sacred gateway into higher realms which guide us back to our natural human awareness.

The body has a wisdom of her own. She knows what she needs in order to be in balance, but we may find ourselves cut off from that awareness or perhaps we can’t even hear her at all. With many factors at play, we have lost the depth of our connection.

We tend to distract ourselves by doing what we can to get OUT of the body, but that is simply missing the point. It is about getting INTO the body. We heal THROUGH the body. You must face her. Be with her. Pay attention to her. By doing so, you may be surprised to discover that she contains all of the answers.

The thing is, our body is ALWAYS talking to us. She speaks to us with every single pain, discomfort, illness, emotion, and sensation. But the key is, we must listen. And the wise ones will not only listen, but honour the calls.

We humans are POWERFUL. We have access to unseen realms simply due to the very nature of our existence. We are a microcosm within the macrocosm. By this, I mean, our physical body is an entire universe itself, simply existing in a bigger universe. We are a mirror reflection of the cosmos. Everything you could ever come to know, can be found within. And it is from going WITHIN, that we open ourselves to cosmic consciousness and unity itself. The deeper we connect to the self, the deeper we connect to others and the external world.

So when you hear her calls, it is up to you to decide how you want to answer. Are you going to honour her once and for all? Are you going to let her move in the way she wants to move and sleep when she wants to sleep? Are you going to give her the abundance of fresh air she craves and the respect and love she deserves? Her cries may become louder and louder, but ultimately it is YOU who calls the shots.

Become one with the body again. Nourish her not with what the mind craves, but instead with all that she needs. You, beautiful human, have the ability to connect with the divinity that exists within this precious temple we get to call home… honour it.

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