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The Reality of "Doing the Work"

Whenever we do inner work, whether it’s breathwork, energy work, plant medicine, meditation, or journaling (and the list goes on), we have the ability to open up portals within. Especially at times like these when the astrological placements are in our favor. These gateways allow us to explore the depths of our soul and travel through dimensions, helping us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The work itself along with the discoveries and healing that come with it are often profound… so much so that many times we are left utterly speechless. Not exactly due to shock, but instead due to the divine nature of the experiences had and understanding gained which simply cannot be put into words. They are of a different frequency which quite literally does not translate.

Although all of that sounds great, personally, there have been several times along my own journey I have thought to myself “Why did I even choose this path?” referring to the spiritual path…

Because the truth is, once you choose this path there really is no going back. You cannot cast away to the shadows that which has been brought to light. This leads to the inevitable… Major shifts and changes will occur in your life to support the continued evolution of your soul which may not always be smooth and will certainly not always be comfortable.

This path is one of consciousness. It is a path of a higher vibration. It is a path that is going to challenge you and push you to your limits again and again. It is a path that is going to force you to evolve and grow in ways you couldn’t have even imagined.

If you are on the path and resonate with the challenge, and if you ever find yourself filled with doubt, remember this one thing… the rewards that come with moving towards consciousness are beyond any satisfactory pleasures that come with complacency.

When you are dedicated to this path and to the evolution of your soul, although it will absolutely be difficult at times, there truly is no greater reward than the wisdom and awareness gained. It may appear to be “easier” at times to move through life in a sleepier state, however with greater awareness comes greater alignment which ultimately leads to that juicy, divine flow state everyone talks about. In the flow state, blessings are endless. And not necessarily because they are “coming to you,” but because you see the blessing in all things.

A continuous overflow of love and appreciation. A natural high. A state which no temporary comfort can match.

So I encourage you to open your heart and explore those portals within. Dive into the depths of the unknown. There will be ups and downs, as with everything in this existence but remember, the wisdom, peace, and clarity gained simply cannot be matched. Stick with it so you may bask in all of the magic that surrounds us.

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