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The Nature of My Work

Welcome to my very first blog post! Let the journey begin...

Every single person is going to tell you a different story or have a different understanding of the way things work. For example, in many different healing modalities there are different underlying beliefs, ultimately leading to different realities. Teachers, healers, and gurus all talk about different healing rays, different spiritual deity’s, different energy centers in the body, different chakra systems, different meanings behind different colours, different dimensions, different perspectives on the history of human existence, different definitions of what the soul is and where it comes from, and above all, different ideas of what they consider to be Truth.

In today’s day, there is SO much information available to us that it can become extremely overwhelming, and as much as this knowledge can be incredibly helpful, it can at times become burdensome as we may start to lose focus. When there are so many different areas to focus on, the overwhelm can hit and it’s quite possible to even begin to doubt the meaning of it all.

With this in mind, one of the main insights I have received is that at the end of the day, whatever you believe to be true will be your reality. Whether you believe in one truth, multiple truths, or if you think all of life is simply an illusion… WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE to your very core, will be your reality.

In all of my education and training it seems apparent that every different modality, and I would even go as far as to say every different culture and religion are all preaching the same thing, just in a different way with different names and different figures. The end goal is always peace and unity. Whichever way you choose to get there really doesn’t matter.

For this reason, I’m not here to tell people what’s real and what’s not, but instead to help you tap into the unlimited potential within so you can decide for yourself. And with that, I wouldn’t even say you have to decide, rather you will be SHOWN because all of the answers already exist within. What that looks like is not only sharing my own journey with you including what has worked for me along the way (and what hasn’t), but also sharing the actual practices that can get you there.

With that being said, I still highly encourage you to honour your own path. My insights and personal practices may resonate and work for you, however it’s important not only to embrace anything else that resonates, but to also acknowledge what doesn't. We are all here, walking a different path, learning different lessons with different destinations so honour YOURS. Ideally some of what I can offer and share will help you on your path, but at the end of the day your path is unique to you.

The thing is, when we seek, and seek, and seek, we can spend a lifetime searching. But what we fail to recognize, is that we ARE what we seek. It already exists within us. It’s important to remember that there is no time wasted as every step of the journey has something to teach us and helps us evolve, learn, and grow, but if you desire to be free from a sense of lack, a sense of fear, or simply from the feeling that you know things could be “different,” then it's necessary to come into the present moment to free ourselves from all of our limitations and REMEMBER our potential.

And no, it’s usually not that easy. If it was, we would all be doing it. We become completely identified with our problems, fears, and familiar patterns and behaviours which is often no fault of our own. However, it takes effort to free ourselves from these things, but it is so possible and SO worth it.

Now keeping in mind that what we believe to be true will be true for us, we must recognize there is belief at the surface level where we think we believe something, and then there is a deeper level of belief which resonates with our physiology and our bodies. Many of our beliefs, patterns, and behaviours are so deeply ingrained into our physiology and our psyches that they have a real causal effect on our reality. If you desire change yet remain physically trapped in your past beliefs and patterns of behaviour, you will not change. So it is necessary to free our physical bodies of these trapped emotions and trapped energies in order to create space for new information to enter. As we completely rewire our bodies and nervous systems, and as our minds begin to change, an entirely new reality is created.

We are moving into a completely different era. One where we as individuals hold the power. We have all the knowledge and resources we need right at our fingertips in order to tap into the divine field to become who we want to become. And I’m here to help you tap into the infinite wisdom within your own being, that place of absolute unconditional love, clarity and connection to all that is. From there, you will have all the answers, guidance, and tools to live from a state of peace and presence to embody the self that you desire to be.

So how does energy work fit into this?

Energy work is sort of a fast track to overcoming all of our limitations. With energy work, we are working on the quantum field. We are clearing the body of stored energy that is no longer serving your highest good.

Working on this level, we are going beyond the mind. We are clearing these energies from the body which will help you get into that space of clear, conscious awareness perhaps a bit faster than if you were simply working on a physical and/or mental level. When we work on the energetic level, we are working on the quantum field which means shifts can happen instantaneously. The key word is “can.” Each and every person will have a different experience when it comes to healing energetically because at the end of the day, an individual will only release what they are ready and willing to release.

And what about breathwork?

Breathwork plays a few different roles. Not only does it restore the nervous system and give the body a chance to actually relax and come back into balance, but it also gives the eager thinking mind a chance to consciously take a back seat for a little while and allow other parts of our consciousness to come to the forefront.

When you consciously do this, you would be amazed to discover what kind of insight and answers are already inside of you. They have been right there waiting, but unfortunately for many of us, our thinking mind is almost always in control and we rarely, if ever catch a glimpse of the deeper messages coming from within. Instead, we are walking around with overactive, chatty minds whose words probably aren’t even very helpful majority of the time. When we regularly practice breathwork, that thinking mind starts to subside and we start to become really, truly present… meaning we start living in awareness. When we live in awareness, we see the signs and we know what to do. We no longer feel lost or unsure of our direction. And that my friend, is a magical place to live from.

And with that, I'm extremely looking forward to continuing this journey and helping others experience the magic!

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